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As Golden Carpet, we have been serving all our customers with quality, stylish and modern carpets since the day we were founded.

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Interior and Exterior Designs

Furniture and Decoration for the Home
We are able to make the most successful production in our own workshop for the supply of goods and furniture, which are a part of the interior architectural works carried out in the interior areas of the buildings. All the furniture needed in different interior areas can be produced by our team, who are experts in their field, in a short time. Our company, which carries out the most effective works in this field, provides you with the furniture that will be needed by residences, workplaces and offices in the most successful way. With our careful work, especially in furniture and decoration, it is ensured that spaces to live or work comfortably are created. With our expert teams, the necessary interior decoration processes are carried out very sensitively and we can use the most functional furniture with our own productions.

Decoration Works for Offices and Stores
Furniture preferences and their decoration processes, which are an important part of interior design work, are the processes that must be done carefully in order to be able to make a successful interior design work. The successful decoration of furniture and interior space in workplaces is very important in order to ensure the most effective use of the space. Our team, which can handle the furniture and decoration processes of areas such as offices, stores and showrooms without any problems, can offer you the most successful works in this field and produce the necessary special furniture in its own workshop. In this way, besides using the interior areas in the most effective way, it is also possible to achieve a much more special and beautiful appearance.

Our team, which always does the most effective work on the architectural arrangements of interior areas, can also make special studies on the choice and decoration of the furniture of these areas. We are able to offer you the most successful works in the interior areas of residences such as workplaces and production areas. Our company, which we successfully carry out the furniture and decoration works in the interior parts of the buildings, can successfully produce the special furniture needed in its special workshop. By producing the most suitable furniture for the area to be used and the decoration idea created, it can be provided with a much more beautiful appearance as well as an effective use. Ensuring the most effective use of the areas where interior decoration work is done can be done without any problems in this way and can be offered to you.

We turn your dreams into reality with our 3D designs that are completely special for you, which are of high quality and closest to reality.

With our experienced and creative staff; We realize our designs in sample flats, offices, cafes, restaurants, schools, factories, hospitals, hotels and many other sectors.

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